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Contemporary Jazz: Learn to Play

Jazz piano music has a smooth, soulful sound, and the contemporary style is gaining in popularity. It is actually relatively easy to learn the basics. Still, it takes years of practice to attain the prominence of a jazz musician.

Easy to Play Jazz Piano Songs

A perfect starting piece of learning is "All the Things You Are," made famous by Ella Fitzgerald. The chord progressions can be somewhat challenging at first, but practice will overcome this.
A beautiful piece to learn is "Waltz for Debby," which has a modern jazz feel and was recorded by Bill Evans. Beginners will have no problem picking up his catchy tune.

For contemporary jazz with a hint of swing, "On a Clear Day" is a great choice and was recorded by Red Garland. The upbeat rhythm section will get toes tapping in no time.

Learning the piano may not be the easiest new hobby for all people. If you’re looking for a hobby that involves athletics, you can always try heading to the local sportsbook. It combines two of America’s favorite pastimes into one.

Prominent Jazz Musicians

Undoubtedly one of the most versatile jazz instruments available, the piano has been mastered by several prominent musicians. Duke Ellington, born in Washington in 1899, is perhaps the best known and was renowned for his minimal, percussive style. His 1962 album Monkey Jungle is widely regarded as a contemporary jazz classic. His illustrious career actually spanned over six decades.

Other famous artists include Bud Powell, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, and Chick Corea. Each one had their own inimitable style and have left their mark on the world of contemporary jazz piano music for others to enjoy.