Matthew Shipp Trio

Whit Dickey,   Michael Bisio

Matthew Shipp Trio
Photo: Peter Gannushkin, DowntownMusic.Net

"'s the way he [Matthew Shipp] sprints, cuts, and spins that demands rapt attention. Blocking out heavy chords, rippling through insanely complex but cleanly articulated runs and arpeggios, and plucking strings inside the piano, his hands move both independently and in complete synchronicity. Similarly he and Bisio and Dickey offer up unique takes on the harmonies and rhythms while linking their imaginations into one vision." - DR Absolute Sound

"Shipp's trio walloped the packed Vortex with two richly rewarding, high energy sets which wove obliquely in and out of the standards repertoire."

"Stellar interplay characterizes the trio program, with Bisio's cleanly articulated arco a muscular thrum, maintaining a constant counterpoint to Shipp's idiosyncratic mix of sunshine and thunder. Dickey adds a further layer of complexity, with his intricate cymbal patterns overlaying his pulsing polyrhythms."

" witnesses the unfolding of a monumental work that befits a musician that deserves a place of choice in the jazz piano pantheon."
Alain Drouot DownBeat.

"The fleet-fingered and pitch-perfect Bisio ends the piece with an absolutely jaw-dropping solo."

2 cd live sets, Trio and Solo
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"Typical of a Shipp performance the trio proffered a free flowing exposition across two unbroken sets totaling some 100 minutes. Such was the level of responsiveness that it seemed the threesome could explore any byway they chose."
All About Jazz,
Matthew Shipp Trio: London, UK, February 17, 2011

Lyn Horton, The Paradigm for Beauty-- Top Ten -- and
"A three-pronged organism operates in the first disc, where
each musician yields to the other with ease." "The trio simply works so consistently and tightly that its
impact as one organism defies criticism and invites only praises."

"With bassist Michael Bisio and his longtime drummer Whit Dickey, Shipp throttles back a bit on his power - if not on his intensity - to accommodate trio interaction and sideman features like Bisio's virtuoso bowing on 'Virgin Complex.' "

Cita Müzika, Matthew Shipp, "Art Of The Improviser"

"The first track with the trio, "The New Fact," is especially notable for an epic bass solo that connotes the work of Jimmy Garrison.
This is followed by the beautifully creepy '3 in 1' that can be likened to a crooked Thelonious Monk influenced leit motif in what would be my favorite horror movie if it existed."

"Ter ere van zijn vijftigste verjaardag realiseerde de Amerikaan een dubbelalbum waarop hij als solist en in trioformat te horen is. Beide platen laten een muzikant horen die van het zoeken zijn eigen weg gemaakt heeft. Ritmisch speelt hij heel verbrokkeld, maar tegelijkertijd ook gericht, melodielijnen zijn vaak grillig en worden afgewisseld met McCoy Tyner-achtige blokakkoorden."
Verder bij Kwadratuur, The Art of the Improviser

"On the trio set, there is definitely some telepathic hijinx going on.... This leads into some wide open passages with the piano setting clusters adrift over percussion and pizzicato bass lines."
Mark Saleski, Something Else

"On the trio disc, Shipp reveals his strengths as both a bandleader and collaborator. The rumbling modal opening of 'The New Fact' quickly gives way to a syncopated, jagged swing as his piano jots telegraphic lines to Dickey, who follows and accents intuitively while Bisio balances them with a swaying but unbending bridge"
Thom Jurek, AllMusic

"Bisio matches the pianist's energy with insistent bass lines while Dickey colors with his excellent cymbal..."
Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest

"The trio music is continuously interactive and exciting, leading off with 'The New Fact,' where trio led by Shipp's fast deep piano plumbs oceanic depths of music."

Ernie Paik,, Vol. 8, Issue 15
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"The first disk too is a live date, this time with his new, formidable trio of piano plus Whit Dickey on drums and Michael Bisio, bass. Here we experience memorable compositional vehicles that open the way for inspired virtuoso bass work, barrages of quietly hip drumming in and out of time..."
Grego Applegate Edwards,

"It begins all sustain and fury, a forceful melody and thick harmony raining down. The strident melody of 'The New Fact' is unleashed on the first beat and driven even harder when the drums and bass join in."

"Circular Temple, the longest piece in the program, starts with some pensive musing from Shipp and a nice bit of arco bass from Bisio. Eventually, Shipp fastens onto another hypnotic vamp and accelerates into an impressive extended solo which demonstrates total mastery of his instrument."
Bill Tilland, BBC

"They've played on and off together for getting on for twenty years and this paid off - each was stretched - no coasting and no hesitation."

" stripping back what he does, Shipp has reconnected with that essential and, indeed, experimental core of his art."
Scott McMillan, The Liminal

"Matthew Shipp gathered his trio, featuring bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Whit Dickey, for an adventurous, forward-thinking evening of thoroughly contemporary jazz at the Arts Center in Troy."  -- WITH -----
"The trio would take fragments of the melodies, improvising off one section, before developing once, twice, three times until a completely new mood or texture was created, a springboard for further improvisation."
-----JJ Wheeler, thejazzbreakfast

"The trio played together amazingly well and from Mathew Shipp's few words at the end of the first set he was obviously really enjoying his first ever tour with Mike Bisio on bass."
----- AND -- Russ Escritt, Concert Review