Matthew Shipp
The GoodAndEvil Sessions
Jeff McCord, Downbeat

Jazz, with its floating sense of rhythm, and electronica, locked down to beats per minute, remain the most unlikely bedfellows. Keyboardist Matthew Shipp, through his Blue Series, has been a facilitator to these two worlds coming together.
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As good as the series' previous crossover works have been, The GoodandEvil Sessions takes a big step up and sounds like music that has learned from all that came before it.

GoodandEvil is the alias for the producer/ musician duo of Danny Blum and Chris Kelly. Along with the turntable work of Miso. they provide the rhythms and structure to a talented group of modems. The dual trombones of Josh Roseman and Alex Lodico are a sly touch; they work the bottom end, providing a harmonically rich undulation that drives the incessant rhythm.

Trumpeter Roy Campbell isn't always given enough to do, but when he unspools a wild improv, particularly over William Parker's muscular bass work, everyone's temperature rises. Shipp, who composed much of the music, goes off on similar flights, but anchors everything with simple repetitive phrasing played with precision.

Funky, free, organic and rousing, The GoodandEvil Sessions invokes everything from P-Funk to Kraftwerk to Ornette Coleman's Prime Time, with machine and man in perfect sync.

The GoodandEvil Sessions: Brainwash; Then Again; The Stakeout; Close Call; The Hideout; On the Run; Roll It Back: Change Of Plans; Sweetbitter. (43:20)

**** Excellent

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