Matthew Shipp

Nu Bop

"I saw Matthew Shipp and William Parker playing free jazz two weeks ago and it was the best thing I have seen in years…I was nearly in tears. It was humbling."
- Jason Pierce, founder of Spiritualized

"Matthew Shipp has this cinematic drama because of the way he keeps crunching and jarring the melody."
- Herbie Hancock


Matthew Shipp's follow-up to the critically acclaimed, #1 CMJ jazz record, "New Orbit." Shipp set out to build a platform of acoustic and electronic rhythm figures to serve as a backdrop for a canvas of organic compositions based on improvisational impulses.

For more than a decade, Shipp has broken barriers and genre with his original style. In Nu Bop, he continues to challenge the limits and preconceptions of jazz with this explosive, beats-driven modern jazz recording.

Bassist William Parker takes on the unusual role as funk meister. Reedman Daniel Carter turns in soaring performances that seem to defy gravity. And Guillermo E. Brown emerges by driving electronic beats with the best of modern drumming, thereby defining of new era of percussion. Interwoven into the fabric is Chris Flam's (DJ Spooky, A Guy Called Gerald) programming insights and deft editing skills. It's not your typical Matt Shipp album...   but then again, what is?


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