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I'm sending out this quote sheet of lines from 19 early reviews of Piano Sutras, and here's what has been said about the CD so far.

- Matt

"A stunning solo piano recital - may be a classic, the kind of record we
talk about an play for each other decades later - a fully mature expression of
creativity  -  it is an astonishing ingenious performance - this is music that
frames up a whole history of an artist, of listeners, of the artists who
framed the history of the art form, of the culture and time that allowed
this art to flourish  -  all this is in there inside this brilliant recording
by Matthew Shipp"

          Financial Times
"This delightful solo piano recording captures Matthew Shipp's vivid
imagination at full stretch on a sequence of precisely wrought and
remarkably focused musical tableaux."

          LA Times
"A bracingly inventive pianist  -  set of solo excursions dedicated to
constant invention and a restless pursuit of beauty."

          E music
"An artist that seems impervious to boundaries - hearing him perform in a
solo setting, there is something revelatory about it - Shipp is one of the
modern jazz giants  -  listen.

          I tunes
"Shipp again shines - this is a fine effort that only burnishes Shipp's
reputation as one of today's most challenging and rewarding jazz masters."

"Two recent releases featuring pianist-composer Matthew Shipp are as
engaging and enigmatic as his singular style - piano sutras further reveals
Shipp's mastery of dynamic playing, his awareness of both timbral limits and
sonic possibilities of the piano.  A sutra is a buddhist teaching on
enlightenment and piano sutras shows his ability to tap into the creative
realm of the present moment."

"Nobody judging Shipp by Piano Sutras could accuse him of lacking a
language of his own.  Surprisingly embraceable for music so uncompromisingly
ambitious and original.
 "Here he reveals his fully formed lingua franca - Shipp's music
juggles all the balls at once feigning danger, all the while plotting a
course for his new world."

          The Absolute Sound
"It's astonishing to hear your mind working through someone else's
That's the illusion Matthew Shipp creates on Sutras.  Assures his place in
history alongside such prismatic and unpredictable giants as Jaki Byard or
Paul Bley."

(CD is reviewed together with a solo CD by Marc Cary)
"These are two monster pianists at their peak powers."

          All Music
"The emotional commitment in his compositional method is equal to the
rigorous intellect he applies in the architecture of creation.
Piano sutras offers incremental glimpses into his process of discovery,
and evidence of his mastery when kinetically applying his finely tuned sense
of hearing."

"Once you get into the vortex of sounds and emotions you can hardly get
out from it.  This album is alive an exciting throughout."

          Jazz And Blues blogspot
"He makes another definitive statement on this album.  His individual
style is that of one who is in control of the entire piano and his muse."

          The Paradigm for Beauty
"Shipp possesses an unswerving integrity - his music speaks from a dense
core,which is alive,breathing,unquestionably vigorous,yet markedly
controlled.  That realm is evocative of all that is spiritual,all that without

          Sounds of Timeless Jazz
"Innovative, exuberant and controversial. Rmotional intensity - musical
sophistication - his pianism defies conventional categories - this exemplary

          Something Else reviews
"His phraseology is entirely his own - there's purpose in his
playing:each motion or expression he makes sets up the next one.  He plumbs
the emotional depths of his instrument with paradoxically sharp intellect."

          Tiny Mix Tapes
"Shipp's solo work gives shape to an abstracted sublime.  Piano sutras
reveals a music of great nuance and power and thou it stamps itself out with
extraordinarily material "thusness" the effects are much broader than the
triangulation of player, instrument and historical past."

          Step Tempest
"Matthew Shipp brings his interior soundtrack to the surface in such
original and persuasive ways."

"Shipp is magisterial and swinging throughout piano sutras."

          Gapplegate Music Review
"It's Matthew Shipp music and that can be sublime. Here it is. Here it is."

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