Matthew Shipp

Greatest Hits, early quotes

Echoes, UK
"Shipp is a player-composer of immense character. Shipp may have "hit" less than Michael Jackson but that doesn't mean to say that he hasn't been able to touch people in a major way."

Denver Examiner, 2013's Best Albums so far.
"The piano genius in a variety of settings also scores high points for the most hilarious album title so far. This underrated master is right on all marks."
by Rob Johnson

Huffington Post
"Not sure one can do justice picking tracks for best of compilation for Shipp..he is a virtuoso with so many nooks, crannies, shades, colors and emotions in his playing.This compendium is a good place to begin."
by Dusty Wright

Icon Magazine
"When was the last time you heard the words "hits" re a jazz disc. Never mind - while none of the tunes here are radio hits, in a better world they would be. A nifty intro into one of the most creative, user friendly American jazzbos extant."

All About Jazz
"But while the shrewd programming means the album works as an outstanding sequence of music if consumed in a single sitting, it acts even more powerfully as a prompt to go and search out some of the source discs to enjoy fuller servings of particular appealing favors."
by John Sharpe

Jazz Times
"Listening to this snapshot of Shipp's releases leaves one with a desire to go back and discover, or re-examine, the original albums.When it comes to compilations, there's no greater goal."
by Mike Shanley

All Music
"Greatest Hits is a welcome introduction to and a fine recollection of some of the places Shipp has been, yet it's only a small glance at the massive terrain on his soundworld map."
by Thom Jurek

Something Else
"I don't think music should be listened to out of context, collections can't properly do justice to an artist's body of work, but this package proves me wrong, providing the listener with a concise survey of the man's work. Yes Matthew Shipp's Greatest Hits is indeed a fun album.
by Mark Saleski

The Paradigm of Beauty
"The work of every great artist warrants a retrospective now and again. It is time for pianist Matthew Shipp to be given one; it is called Matthew Shipp Greatest Hits.
by Lyn Horton

"Matthew Shipp has had a remarkable run of music on this label (and many others), and hopefully it will continue far into the future. If you have not had a chance to sample his extraordinary music this makes an excellent place to do so."
by Tim Niland

Jazz albums to look out for in 2013
"Acoustic and electronic; organic and conceptual; solo, trio or with some other configuration, the disc showcases his range
by Patrick Jarenwattananon

Blu Notes
"A greatest hits album from a freely improvising pianist... more so than anyone on his scene, he sounds accessible. So why not?"
by Larry Blumenfeld

Things Id Rather be Doing
"Artist has the audacity to title collection greatest hits when there are few if any hits...There will be days that this will be your favorite Matthew Shipp album because it touches on such a large chunk of his back catalogue in one shot. Hear this,fall in love,and then keep digging.
by John Kenyon

Suite 101
"The artistic genius of Shipp at the piano accompanied only by his musical prowess and the ability to improvise."

Gapplegate Music Review
"Matthew Shipp has been a critical force in the new jazz by not following trends, but by making trends follow him. Matthew Shipp has been true to himself, and what that is speaks truth to us."

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