Matthew Shipp

The Composer
By Barbara Januszkiewicz
and Matthew Shipp

Barbara Januszkiewicz, a conceptual visual artist is working with Matthew Shipp who is the coolest, most talented jazz pianist alive. Start by watching the trailer above to hear a bit of Matthew's sound and then read below about the concept.

Small project, Big Rewards

The Composer aims to influence people to act and think more creatively by creating a multimedia art work that brings a message about what creativity is, all without the use of words. An artistic film rather than a documentary profiling an artist, this film traces the development of noise and sound into compelling music, the building of a piano and it's waiting to be used, wanting to come alive. There are multiple points of views in the story itself, including when the camera lens gives you the impression that you yourself could be the piano player. Part of the film illustrates the piano's perspective, waiting to take a breath,to come alive. It shows the suspense of how the piano waits for the moment where it is played, and given a purpose for being.The composer project highlights pure talent, rather than personality, showcasing the music, rather than the life, of one of the hottest Jazz pianists living today.

The juxtaposition of a brooding, melancholy Matthew and the lively, joyous Barbara is breathtaking. Barbara has a thirst for life that can only be appreciated after having nearly tasted death multiple times. The hardships and danger she has overcome has given her the strength to fully throw herself into taking risks. Living through life-threatening situations infuses one with the joy of living every day. Matthew’s music is hauntingly beautiful, like a lingering nightmare, and brings a voice to the dark music in Barbara’s head. Working with another artist relieves the loneliness of a solitary artist’s life, and in this case heightens the idea of what creative vision is. Happy ideas, sad ideas, the idea of doing something new and taking a huge risk all define this concept.

Barbara is working with Matthew because she believes jazz artists truly understand risk taking. For example, take a look at the musical called a trainwreck where one artist gets off tune from the others. Initially it sounds terrible, yet there is beauty to be found in the aggressive dissonance. Working together enables artists to truly understand their motives and inspirations. Barbara is working on this project out of love for filmmaking and what new worlds of ideas multimedia art can produce. She looks at this project as a composition, like a canvas painting where she has to consider all the elements. We have all the necessary ingredients for a masterpiece; the artist’s perspective, movement, texture, risk, danger, drama, problem solving skills, excitement, and emotions, all of which feelings can be brought up by viewing beautiful art. If you give us a chance we can put all these things together to make a breakout piece of art that celebrates the composer’s creative vision in working out a composition. Usually the audience only gets to view the final product, but in this unique scenario the viewer experiences the entire creative process from start to finish.

The Composer: This avant-garde film is about hope, creative vision and extraordinary existential power of music.

Why a Fazioli in The Composer film with Matthew Shipp ? It is simply described as witnessing the realization of creative vision--an inspirational moment with an inspired artist and a piano. And not any piano but a Fazioli, arguably the greatest piano made today. A perfect fit for a talent like Matt Shipp. The film has no words--only sound and music.

This groundbreaking work is a multi-sensory stimulating, thought-provoking experience! There is no dialogue. It is all sound and movement, experienced in real time, the composer coming to the piano and working out a musical dialogue. It highlights the dialogue between Matt's music and Barbara's artistic expertise, the melding of two creative mediums in a breakthrough expressive tandem.

THE COMPOSER: What is this project? This jazz film/art fusion project highlights the relationship between a musician, Matthew Shipp, and his instrument, the piano. Scripted for 45 minutes with an avant-garde flair following the journey of a piano.. It can be described as witnessing the birth and growth of a creative vision, the moment of inspiration between a pianist and his instrument- not merely any piano but an exquisite, rare Fazioli! This project can be showcased anywhere from museums, coffee shops, art galleries to jazz festivals.

THE TEAM: The production team for this film consists of a top NY Jazz pianist, Matthew Shipp, and a mulit media artist/ filmmaker, Barbara Januszkiewicz. This fusion of two incredible artistic talents give this film great potential to become a breakout art piece.

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