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By Grego Applegate Edwards

wednesday, april 6, 2011
Matthew Shipp's "Art of the Improviser": A Strong Voice Takes Center Stage

After a number of years as a key member of David Ware's Quartet, Matthew Shipp has found his own pianistic voice and brings it to the forefront on the new 2-CD set Art of the Improviser....   Read more...

Music and More
by Tim Niland

Over his career on the jazz scene, Matthew Shipp has patiently developed a unique piano and improvisation style. Apprenticing with the likes of saxophonists David S. Ware and Roscoe Mitchell has allowed him to develop a style of performing that draws on the length and breadth of the piano and all of the opportunities enclosed within.

This album is a two-CD set, the first disc captures Shipp performing live with Michael Bisio on bass and Whit Dickey on drums, while the second disc is a solo recital. The trio music is continuously interactive and exciting, leading off with "The New Fact," where trio led by Shipp's fast deep piano plumbs oceanic depths of music, then develops into rapid trio interplay weaving into patiently probing lengthy bass solo.... Read more...

Free Jazz,
By Paul Acquaro

It begins all sustain and fury, a forceful melody and thick harmony raining down. The strident melody of 'The New Fact' is unleashed on the first beat and driven even harder when the drums and bass join in. Then the floor drops out and pianist Matthew Shipp lays into a spirited improvisation that is buoyed by the restrained propulsion of the rhythm section. What a start to this recording -- a two disc set of separate 2010 concert dates featuring Shipp alone and with his trio of bassist Micheal Bisio and drummer Whit Dickey.... Read more...

The Paradigm for Beauty,
by Lyn Horton

the Matthew Shipp Trio played in celebration of Shipp's new release, a double CD called The Art of the Improviser, on the Thirsty Ear label. This concert was so good that I was compelled to write about it.

The gig sang out its singularity; it was incomparable to any other concert I attended recently, where the groups' numbers ranged from one person to seven or more. The trio simply works so consistently and tightly that its impact as one organism defies criticism and invites only praises. And for an improvising group to have formed a web that is so closely knit is indeed rare and notable; in fact, kind of remarkable.... Read more....

Matthew Shipp exibindo sua fina arte. Shipp é o mais
importante nome do piano contemporâneo. Já alcançou 
o panteão habitado por Monk e Cecil Taylor.... Read more....


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