Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp, noted avant jazz pianist, has been a frontman, a sideman, solo artist and band leader. He has recorded with jazz legends such as Roscoe Mitchell and David S. Ware, as well as up and coming musicians Ivo Pearlman, guitarist Joe Morris, bassist William Parker and drummer Sussie Ibarra. His earlier recordings Symbol Systems, Critical Mass, Prism, 2-Z and ZParkertill in the press, and they are congratulating him for pushing jazz across the lines to alternative rock audiences. The other members, William Parrker, Matt Maneri on violin and Whitt Dickey on drums, have been playing on the national jazz scene together in various incarnations for the past seven years. William Parker has been tirelessly recording and performing, and has recently finished a tour of the East Coast and Texas with Shipp.

"Arguably the most significant avant garde jazz pianist/composer since Taylor. A mature and original voice at 36 ... A breathtaking summary of his complex sense of musical form and lava-like flow of unstoppable imagination."
Norman Weinstein - The Boston Phoenix

"Like looking up suddenly and discovering a solar eclipse... He's clearly been flying near the sun and safely ... Shipp has been deep mining jazz vocabularies for all they're worth, it's fitting that a discrete, personal vision is now closing in on technical exuberance ."
K. Leander Williams - Village Voice

"It's the kind of commitment that rarely earns a spot on insular "best of" polls. Still, you can't help but think that, like those who once dismissed out of hand the "anti jazz" of Monk and Taylor, folks who are blowing off Shipp will undoubtedly be struggling Io catch up with him later ... Shipp's refusal to differentiate between unerring precision and wild abandon."
Matt Galloway - NOW (Toronto)

"...showcases the essence of both his compositional vision and keen technical skills. Shipp revels in rural blues-like tempo shuffles and expected shouts. At times his melodic structure echoes Andrew Hill's capacious, soulfulness, Paul Bley's pastoral aesthetic and Monk's ugly beauty."
Sam Prestianni - JAZZIZ

"Pianist Matthew Shipp is one of the brightest lights on the alternative jazz scene."
Gene Santoro - Daily News

"Ingenious young pianist Matthew Shipp is blessed with originality and technical skill as well as wit and lightning reflexes... Shipp's comfort with the avant garde lineage allows him to dispense with the intrusive issues of jazz authenticity."
Garry Giddins - Village Voice

"The piano has always had a slightly uneasy relationship with free jazz- there was a giant named Cecil Taylor ... Shipp has become the main avant pianist of recent years. Through not being scared; without ignoring Taylor he has developer his own spacious, rhythmically inviting, even melodic style."
Greg Burk - LA Weekly

"It all adds up to a style with harmonic complexity and free energy. The most distinctive style of any pianist of Shipp's generation."
Steve Holtze - The Wire

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