Matthew Shipp

Harmonic Disorder


Downbeat - 4 stars "Optimistic - among the best work I've heard from him - stunning - sounds more complete than ever before"


All Music Guide - 4 stars
"This is an intimate recording filled with new ideas, humor, depth, and warmth"

Lexington Herald
"One of today's most inventive and challenging jazz pianists plays like a modern day Thelonious Monk, with rich modal playing and percussive playfulness, beyond that he sounds like no one else."

New York Times
"An intriguing new album by Matthew Shipp puts his shape-shifting pianism in contact with a rhythm section of Joe Morris on bass and Whit Dickey on drums."

Pop Matters
"Now Matthew Shipp, at the other end of jazz history, is finding new ways to rope his trio to the shore, even as it sails with great freedom. This is an exciting and daring bit of navigation."

Boston Globe
"Shipp has had a lot of highlights already in his career - but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this disc is his finest yet."

All About Jazz
"Brilliant - proof of Shipp's abilities as a composer and improviser. Best Of list - sets the bar high, and it might become the new standard in which the next wave of jazz trios will be judged."
"No empty flourishes or practice room licks here, just probing piano trio work from one of the most distinctive musical voices on the scene."

Washington City Paper
"Truthfully, Shipp's playing encompasses the history of jazz piano. Harmonic Disorder serves notice of the lies behind the title and the name above it: Shipp is a musician of scholarship and precision, harmonic or otherwise."

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