Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp - A Career in 15 Quotes

1. Downbeat on The Art of the Improvisor
"One witnesses the unfolding of a monumental work that befits a musician who deserves a place of choice in the jazz piano pantheon."

2.  Downbeat on The conduct of Jazz
"Practically without parallel — Matthew Shipp is the connection between the past, present and future for jazzheads of all ages."

3.  Jazziz
"Stunning in his originality - proof of his idiosyncratic genius."

4.  New York Times on New Orbit
"Otherworldly and enchanting — work that holds together Satie's meticulous minimalism and Coltrane's chaotic maximalism in a taut, delicate balance"

5.  The Absolute Sound
"As Matthew Shipp's catalog expands, so does our understanding of the depth and breath of his genius."

6.   The Penguin Guide to Jazz
"Shipp is one of the select group of current players and composers one would have to tag essential."

7.  Financial Times
"Shipp has jazz history and more besides at his fingertips, and regularly conjures music of substance and value without recourse to set-piece clichés...."

8.  Popmatters
"The nature of Shipp's genius can be fully parsed — this is music that frames up a whole history of an artist, of listeners, of the artists who formed the history, of the art form, of the culture, and time that allowed this art form to flourish."

9.  Chicago Tribune
"Shipp's pianism - the man triggering an avalanche of ideas while maintaining an extraordinary beautiful rounded sound — pianism rarely conveys such lucidity of sound and clarity of thought."

10.  Aftenposten, (Norways largest newspaper, translated here)
"In the shadow of Cecil Taylor and Keith Jarrett, Shipp has played out his individuality through 3 decades -- he can be seen as a cross between the two giants, but he exceeds both."

11.  All About Jazz
"The Conduct of Jazz offers irrefutable proof of Shipp's enduring mastery of the jazz idiom."

12.  "Vision of Jazz," book by Gary Giddins
"Ingenious pianist Shipp is blessed with originality and technical skill as well as humor and lightning reflexes"

13.  JazzTimes
"Matthew Shipp boosts one of the most prolific, consistent, and challenging catalogs -- the pianist's brain seems to fire on all cylinders all the time."

14. The Atlantic Monthly
"Shipp is the most dynamic and advanced of a growing number of pianists his age."

15.  New York Magazine
"Shipp emerges as one of an increasingly rare breed: a legitimately iconoclastic Lower East Side bohemian artist."


The Conduct of Jazz,
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